Suzuki FR-50

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The Suzuki FR50 was a scooter produced by Suzuki from 1974 to the early 1980s. It was very similar in design to the Suzuki FR80

It was powered by a 49cc, 2 stroke, air cooled, single cylinder engine which incorporated a self mixing system so it had a separate 2 stroke oil tank and petrol tank. It is started by a kick start mechanism which turns over the engine. The engine was quoted as producing 4,4 hp (3,3 kW) @ 6,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) or 5,39 Nm (0,55 kg-m) @ 5,000 rpm

It had a small 6V (six volt) battery fitted and an ignition switch to provide easy starting and for constant and even power to the lights and horn.

Like the FR80 the engine drives a 3 speed semi automatic gearbox, with a heel and toe gear shift.

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