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|rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |barrel |align=center valign=top|USdrybbl
(usdrybbl, drybbl) |align=center valign=top|US bbl |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.11562819898508 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.drybbl
(usdrybbl, drybbl) |align=center valign=top|U.S. bbl |valign=top| |- |rowspan=4 valign=top align=center |bushel |align=center valign=top|USbsh (usbsh) |align=center valign=top|US bsh |rowspan=4 valign=top| |rowspan=4 valign=top align=right|0.03523907016688 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|USbu (usbu) |align=center valign=top|U.S. bu |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.bsh (usbsh) |align=center valign=top|U.S. bsh |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.bu (usbu) |align=center valign=top|U.S. bu |valign=top|

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |kenning |align=center valign=top|USkenning
(uskenning) | |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.01761953508344 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.kenning
(uskenning) | |valign=top|

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |peck |align=center valign=top|USpk (uspk) |align=center valign=top|US pk |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.00880976754172 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.pk (uspk) |align=center valign=top|U.S. pk |valign=top| |- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |dry gallon |align=center valign=top|USdrygal
(usdrygal, drygal) |align=center valign=top|US dry gal |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.00440488377086 |valign=top|

  • USdrygal l
    • USdrygal l impgal
  • USdrygal L
    • USdrygal L impgal
  • USdrygal impgal
    • USdrygal impgal l
    • USdrygal impgal L

|- |align=center valign=top|U.S.drygal
(usdrygal, drygal) |align=center valign=top|U.S. dry gal |valign=top|

  • U.S.drygal l
    • U.S.drygal l impgal
  • U.S.drygal L
    • U.S.drygal L impgal
  • U.S.drygal impgal
    • U.S.drygal impgal l
    • U.S.drygal impgal L

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |dry quart |align=center valign=top|USdryqt
(usdryqt, dryqt) |align=center valign=top|US dry qt |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.001101220942715 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.dryqt
(usdryqt, dryqt) |align=center valign=top|U.S. dry qt |valign=top| |- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |dry pint |align=center valign=top|USdrypt
(usdrypt, drypt) |align=center valign=top|US dry pt |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.0005506104713575 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.drypt
(usdrypt, drypt) |align=center valign=top|U.S. dry pt |valign=top|