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|rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |barrel |align=center valign=top|USbbl
(usbbl) |align=center valign=top|US bbl |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.119240471196 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.bbl
(usbbl) |align=center valign=top|U.S. bbl |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |barrel |align=center valign=top|oilbbl |align=center valign=top|bbl |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.158987294928 |valign=top|

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |beer barrel |align=center valign=top|USbeerbbl
(usbeerbbl) |align=center valign=top|US bbl |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.117347765304 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.beerbbl
(usbeerbbl) |align=center valign=top|U.S. bbl |valign=top| |- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |gallon |align=center valign=top|USgal (usgal) |align=center valign=top|US gal |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.003785411784 |valign=top|

  • USgal l
    • USgal l impgal
  • USgal L
    • USgal L impgal
  • USgal impgal
    • USgal impgal l
    • USgal impgal L

|- |align=center valign=top|U.S.gal (usgal) |align=center valign=top|U.S. gal |valign=top|

  • U.S.gal l
    • U.S.gal l impgal
    • U.S.gal L
  • U.S.gal L impgal
  • U.S.gal impgal
    • U.S.gal impgal l
    • U.S.gal impgal L

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |quart |align=center valign=top|USqt (usqt) |align=center valign=top|US qt |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.000946352946 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.qt (usqt) |align=center valign=top|U.S. qt |valign=top|

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |pint |align=center valign=top|USpt (uspt) |align=center valign=top|US pt |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.000473176473 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.pt (uspt) |align=center valign=top|U.S. pt |valign=top|

|- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |gill |align=center valign=top|USgi (usgi) |align=center valign=top|US gi |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.0001182941183 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|U.S.gi (usgi) |align=center valign=top|U.S. gi |valign=top| |- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |fluid ounce |align=center valign=top|USoz
(USfloz, usoz, usfloz) |align=center valign=top|US fl oz |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.0000295735295625 |valign=top|

  • USoz ml
  • USoz mL
  • USoz impoz

|- |align=center valign=top|U.S.oz
(U.S.floz, usoz, usfloz) |align=center valign=top|U.S. fl oz |valign=top|

  • U.S.oz ml
  • U.S.oz mL
  • U.S.oz impoz