Suzuki Eiger 400

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The Suzuki Eiger 400 is an all-terrain vehicle (4-wheel motorcycle) from Suzuki. It has a 376 cc, single overhead cam, four-stroke, single cylinder, air/oil-cooled engine, weighs 590 pounds, has a 4 U.S. gallon (19 L) gas tank, and offers two wheel or four wheel drive. There is a choice of a 5-speed transmission with automatic clutch, or a continuously variable transmission. The CVT transmission model delivers about 17 miles per US gallon (14 Template:Convert/fourLreck; 20 mpg-imp) for a usable cruising range of about 50 to 60 miles (80 to 100 km) on a tank.

The drive system is a hybrid belt-shaft system. The engine powers the drive belt, which in turn provides the power to the shaft as its final drive train to the axles.

The Suzuki Eiger has an open diff in the front on the 4x4 model.