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The GR650 was a standard motorcycle built by Suzuki.

The GR650 featured an air-cooled DOHC parallel twin engine with chain drive and was designed for nimble handling. It featured a two-stage flywheel which used a centrifugal clutch to lower flywheel mass above 3,000 RPM.[1] This was intended to provide easier take-off at low RPM and better reponsiveness at higher RPMs. It also featured a progressive mono-shock rear suspension.

To induce better swirling of the air-fuel mixture in the GR650 engine, Suzuki used a "sub-intake port," which ran a tube from the carburetor throat to the intake port just above the valve head. Suzuki claimed that this allows the GR650 to run with a leaner mixture than usual, which improves economy.[2]


From July 1983 Cycle World

  • List Price $2399
  • Engine DOHC Twin
  • Bore x Stroke 77 x 70 mm
  • Diplacement 652 cc
  • Compression Ratio 9:1
  • Carburetion 2 x Mikuni CV BS36SS
  • Lubrication Wet Sump
  • Brakes F/R: 10.8in Disc/6.3in Drum
  • Oil Capacity 2.5 Qt
  • Fuel Capacity 3.4 Gallons
  • Wheelbase 56.3"
  • GVWR 825 Lbs
  • Load Capacity 393 Lbs
  • Handlebar Width 29in.
  • Seat Height 30.5in
  • Fuel Consumption 57mpg
  • 0-60mph Time 5.7sec

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