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The Suzuki GSX250FX motorcycle (Model prefix: BA-ZR250C, sold 2001-2005) is a rebadged Kawasaki Balius II sold by Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan. The K1 model (2001) had a 19,000rpm redline (maximum safe engine speed), while the later (K2,K3,K4,K5) had a softer 17,000rpm redline.


The only components changed from the Kawasaki were the badges - The earlier K1/K2 had "SUZUKI" on the sides of the tank/top of the tail cowling and "GSX250FX" on the sides of the rear cowling. The later models went to the Suzuki "S" on the side of the tank whilst the rear decals remained the same. Kawasaki references are also on the bike - "Kawasaki Japan" can be found on the wheels and the Kawasaki "K" on the exhaust can.


The specification remained virtually the same as the Kawasaki Balius II.

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