Suzuki LS650 Savage

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1988 LS650 Savage

The Suzuki LS650 Savage, or LS650, is a lightweight custom cruiser motorcycle.

The Savage utilizes Suzuki's "Big Single" power plant, a ~30 horsepower, 40 cubic inch, four-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, single overhead cam engine. Single cylinder engines like the one used in this motorcycle are sometimes affectionately referred to as as a one-lunger or thumper. This engine is considered to be a geared-for-in-town performance torquer style of motor, delivering good performance at moderate revs compared to most Japanese motorcycle engines.

The Savage was produced by the Suzuki Motor Corporation from 1986 to 1989. Manufacture of the LS650 resumed in 1995 and continues to this day.[1] Apart from some slight cosmetic changes, the LS650 remained unchanged until 2005 when it undertook some modifications and was renamed the Boulevard S40. The LS650 is a good motorcycle for beginners due to its easy handling, but its classic design and ease of maintenance also make it a "preferred choice" for older, more experienced riders. At an overall height of 45 inches, it has been considered a bike for people under 6 feet tall, but riders taller than 6 feet can be equally comfortable with the addition of forward controls. Being a bike targeted at beginning riders, available accessories are limited, even in terms of after market parts.