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The Suzuki Satria is a two-stroke motorcycle made by Suzuki first released in Indonesia in 1998. Since then many different models have been made, such as the four-stroke sport bike Satria F.

The bike is not so popular due to it wasting a lot of gas, breaking faster and verging a lot of oil change. However, the bike can reach up to high speeds unlike other 4 stroke motorcycles.

The first type was released in 1998, with the second and third following in 2002 and 2004. the 4-stroke type was released in 2004 and new models are being released every year. The newest 2-stroke (120cc) stopped being sold in 2006. The newest model released in 2004 is named F-150.

F-150 Features

Twin Cam / DOHC(Double Overhead Camshafts) 147cc engine, SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) cylinder, SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System), rear disc brake, 290mm front disc brake, dual vertical headlights


Suzuki Satria series, especially F-150 is capable reaching high speed in short time. The 147cc engine made F-150 is the biggest underbone motorcycle among underbone motorcycles released in Indonesia. Because using SCEM, F-150 body is thin so it provides better handling. Larger front disc brake and rear disc brake gave plus points to safety.


Because of its 147cc engine, Satria F-150 is easily overheat, but it can handled by the SACS. It also cause F-150's high speed stability reduced.