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The Suzuki TSX (TS50X) is a moped that first was produced in 1984 and discontinued in 2000. The TSX is also known as the "X".

The engine is a single cylinder 2 stroke air cooled 49ccm with a 5 speed manual gearbox and a 14mm Mikuni carburettor. The bore/stroke length is 41 / 37,8 mm. The engine is started by a kick starter on the right side of the bike.

The front wheel is a 21" with 2.50 as a standard tire, and the rear is 18" with 3.00 as standard tire. Both the front and rare wheels have drum brakes.


  • Length: 210 cm
  • Width: 82 cm
  • Seat Height: 94 cm
  • Tank volume: 8l

During all the years of production of the TSX there were no major changes, the only things was the saddle, the colors and the stickers.

The TSX sold well and many are still on the road. In Norway is was the biggest selling bike ever, and for many years after the production ended it still was.


It is very common to increase the performance of the engine in mopeds even if its against the law in some countries. On a 2 stroke, this is very easy and can be done in many ways. The most common is to buy a bigger cylinder, bigger carb and a exhaust that has a peak point of power at a higher rpm. The toothed wheels that drive the chain can also be changed. Unmodified, it will not go much faster than 70km/h at the red line of the rpm meter.

There are many modifications that can be done to the TSX. Minor ones such as lifting the rear wing is a easy job and will make the bike look much cooler. Bigger ones like changing the front forks to a pair from a Suzuki RM50X provide front disc brakes.